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Gardner River

Gardner River
Photo by J. Schmidt NPS Phtoto

Yellowstone National Park encompasses 2.2 million acres, spanning over 3,472 square miles in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho.

While most of Yellowstone’s highway system lies at 7,500 to 8,000 feet (2,275-2,427 meters) above sea level, the rest of the park’s elevation runs the gamut. The lowest elevation, 5,314 feet (1,608 meters), is at the park’s north entrance in Gardiner, Montana; the highest elevation, 11,358 feet (3,640 meters), rests on the eastern boundary at Eagle Peak. 

Speed limit:
45 mph (73 kph) or lower where posted.

Thermal features:
Yellowstone National Park boasts over 10,000 known thermal features, and researchers suspect that many others remain waiting discovery. Of these thermal wonders, more than 300 geysers sputter and spew.

Circling near the park’s major scenic attractions, the Grand Loop Road includes the 70-mile (113 kilometers) Upper Loop and the 96-mile (155 kilometer) Lower Loop. Highlights include the Yellowstone Grand Canyon and Old Faithful Geyser. Some attractions do require visitors to park and take a short walk.

Quick tour:
Short on time? Explore just one area of the park. Most people believe that it requires at least three full days to fully see and appreciate all the park’s major features.

General park information:
307-344-7381 (long distance from some park locations).

Yellowstone National Park Official Web Site:

Lodging and Services:
Xanterra Parks & Resorts - 307-344-7311 (long distance from some park locations). Information regarding Yellowstone lodging, boating, bus/snowcoach tours and reservations, horseback riding, campground information, group camping data, and future campsite reservations.

Same-Day Campground Reservations:
(307) 344-7901

Medical Emergencies:

Mammoth Medical Clinic:
(307) 344-7965

Lake Medical Clinic:
(307) 242-7241

Old Faithful Medical Clinic:
(307) 545-7325

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